24 days, 24 time zones | Part 2 Las Vegas

An hour at night, I arrive at McCarran Airport, the airport of Las Vegas. It is the 8th airport in the world. How’s that? Why? A small 43 million tourists come every year, 70% of whom come to gamble.

Even if you want to withdraw from the gambling scene, you will not succeed. As soon as you enter the arrival hall, they are there in their flashing and ringing glory; the slot machines. They do everything to attract your attention.

With the Uber to the Strip. Welcome in Fantasy Land. Bellagio and other beautiful hotels, Eiffel Tower, Italian lakes, thousands of lights and everything is still awake. Plenty of tourists, plenty of entertainment at the black Jack tables, fully immerse yourself in the life of dreams and opportunities. In between, get married, go to the movies, a musical, a show by Celine Dion or Cirque de Soleil. 24/7!

On without attention … attention scarcity.

Not so long ago I read an article in Vrij Nederland. The Belgian Paul Verhaeghe has written a book: Intimacy. It was not about sex. The book is about that we no longer dare to be alone. Me, myself and I, that is no longer present in this time. We are in constant contact with the other person through the smartphone. Just out, eh, not now! The device is very similar to a slot machine. The light on, sound, blingbling, what did I win? A nice app, too bad a boring mail. The adrenalin kick for the delicate feeling can be addictive.

On the other hand, I often hear the word Skin hunger. Because of the smartphone we find it more difficult to touch each other. But physical contact is a requirement for a human existence. Touching is not only something that people do, but also what makes people.

The smartphone has something paradoxical. All day “contact” with everyone, but we are increasingly missing the physical touch. Ikea has as a slogan; attention makes everything more beautiful. If we do not have any real attention for ourselves anymore. How can you give sincere attention to the other person?

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