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24 days, 24 time zones | Part 2 Las Vegas

An hour at night, I arrive at McCarran Airport, the airport of Las Vegas. It is the 8th airport in the world. How’s that? Why? A small 43 million tourists come every year, 70% of whom come to gamble.

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24 days, 24 timezones | Part 1: Manila

Nine o’clock in the morning I walk with my guide through Baseco, one of the slums, in Manila. Klam weather, the district is located on the sea, where all kinds of junk find their way to open water or beach. Houses, who aren’t houses, pavement, who isn’t a pavemen. Cables everywhere. Running around grubby children. Suddenly I hear someone sing. Nine o’clock Monday morning, not really time for karaoke.

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Standing still

“Have you wasted your time today? … or didn’t have time?”

If you could lie on your canapé all day long in the 18th century, it was a form of enormous wealth. In this time you are successful, if you have a full agenda and hundreds of mails.

Was school, from the Latin word scholare, for rest and free time. There is no question in the current form. We used to live with the rhythm of day / night and the seasons, now there is under an article: the reading time is 3.23 minutes.

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